Skeletal Muscle: from Molecules to Function

a symposium in honour of
Prof. Carlo Reggiani


1 October 2018
Padua, Italy


On October 1st, 2018, the University of Padua will host a one-day Symposium on the occasion of Professor Carlo Reggiani's retirement, to honour and celebrate his distinguished scientific career and lifetime commitment to skeletal muscle research.

This memorable day will bring together the long-term colleagues, friends and alumni who have shared his deep interest and dedication for research into skeletal and cardiac muscle biology, physiology, mechanics and energetics, both at single fibre and at whole muscle level.

Attendance is free but, for logistic purposes, we kindly request that you register through the online system to ensure you secure a place.

We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting day.

Organising Committee

Marco Narici, Roberto Bottinelli, Antonio Paoli,
Gerardo Bosco, Alessandro Rubini, Aram Megighian, Stefano Vassanelli

In the wake of several requests, the organisers have postponed the deadline for registration.
The new deadline is now:
21 September 2018

Under the aegis of

University of Padua